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Map of Coniston, NSW 2500

Coniston is a suburb of Wollongong in New South Wales.

Coniston has one public primary school, east of the railway, and its main street is Gladstone Avenue which is the business center of the suburb. The suburb has a beach, Coniston Beach, to the east of Wollongong Golf Course, and Coniston railway station is in the suburb's business centre. Coniston has a pub, The Coniston Hotel, formally Gilmore's Hotel Coniston which is a drinking establishment. Coniston is also home to the Coniston Juniors Football Club who play at McKinnon Park, north of the commercial district. The commercial area also has several specialty stores, including a tattoo parlour, pet hair salon, computer store, aforementioned pub, and grocery store. Coniston is bordered to the west by the hill suburbs of Mangerton and Mount Saint Thomas, and from these good views of the suburb can be had. To the north is Wollongong City and the south Port Kembla.

Coniston was formerly called Mount Drummond, or South Wollongong. It is still known by some residents of Wollongong as South Wollongong, though generally South Wollongong is all the residential area below MacCabe Park.

A local landmark is the concrete office building on Bridge Street that for many years was Coniston's only one. This large building rises above the surrounding suburb and is well known locally. It formerly housed the head offices of the Illawarra County Council.

Coniston is just north of the Port Kembla Steelworks and includes the Greenhouse Park, a one time waste pile converted into a natural park area with a weather station.

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