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Map of Fowlers Gap, NSW 2880


Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station is a teaching and research facility located in the Australian state of New South Wales located in Fowlers Gap in the west of the state.

The station is located about 112 kilometres (70 mi) north of Broken Hill at latitude 31 degrees S, longitude 142 degrees E in the Parish of Hume, County Mootwingee. Occupying Western Lands Lease No. 10194, an area of 38,888 hectares (96,090 acres). The property has been held since 1966 by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) on a “lease in perpetuity”. It is administered by the UNSW Faculty of Science.The lease enables studies of the arid-zone environment, particularly in relation to impacts on the pastoral industry. Fowlers Gap is the only research station in the arid zone of New South Wales. Areas have been monitored and data collected continuously, in some cases for over 30 years. With a varied collection of meeting places, dormitories, cottages and camping sites it can handle reasonably large visiting groups and small conferences.

The Station and its records form a unique facility for research and education, recognised in May 1996 by its inclusion in the former Register of the National Estate (Database number: 019186) under Criterion C.1. The statement of significance is as follows:

Fowlers Gap Research Station is a significant arid zone reference area and an important research and education facility. It is the only research station in the arid zone of New South Wales and is the only research station in the winter rainfall arid zone of Australia.

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