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Map of Tickera, SA 5555

Tickera is a settlement in the Australian state of South Australia on the northern Spencer Gulf coast of Yorke Peninsula. It is located 20 km north of Wallaroo by road. It was surveyed in 1882, but experienced neither significant growth nor stability until the early 1970s. At this time, people started considering Tickera for holiday home purchases and retirement prospects.

The Tickera school opened in 1887, but the first teacher resigned on 30 September 1887 and the new teacher was not appointed until May 1892. There was another school at the locality of Brucefield half-way from the town of Tickera to Alford. The Inspector-General considered that Tickera and Brucefield schools were too close to both be supported by the Education Department. The Tickera school closed in 1933.

The school at Brucefield opened as "Tickera West" in 1883 and changed name to "Brucefield" in 1885. It closed in 1886. As there were only nine students at Brucefield at the time, the Minister for Education did not feel justified to appoint a replacement teacher. There was community discussion about which school should be kept.

A Methodist church was built in 1889. The Tickera Hotel opened in September 1884. The hotel closed in October 1905 when it was purchased by the temperance movement.

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