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Map of Bullarto, VIC 3461

Bullarto is a town located in the Shire of Hepburn, Victoria, Australia. At the 2006 census, Bullarto had a population of 358.

Bullarto is 7 km south east of Daylesford on the Trentham road and is a potato growing district. The Bullarto railway station is the current terminus of the Daylesford Spa Country Railway rail motor tourist services. A post office opened there in 1874 and used barred numeral number 855 cancel (rated RRRR - 4 to 12 examples considered to exist). Another post office was opened at the railway station from 1884 using numeral 1392.

Bullarto has a operating community facility in the form of the Bullarto Hall. This is a popular location for weddings and community events. It is operated by a collection of local volunteers.

The Bullarto community holds an annual Tractor Pull event in March. This event utilities the Bullarto Hall, train station and surrounding areas. The tractor pull frequently features the notable families below.

There are several notable families in the Bullarto region, many of which have lived in Bullarto for several generations. Notable families include:

The Brown Family - mainly residing on Mossops Rd

The Orr Family - who have the prestige of having 'Orr Rd' as their namesake

The Trilogy Family - relative newcomers to the local community

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