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Map of Manangatang, VIC 3546

Manangatang is a remote town in north-west Victoria, Australia. At the 2011 census, Manangatang had a population of 479. It is sometimes noted for its unusual name, from an Aboriginal term - "manang" meaning land and "kaaiti" meaning water.

A Mr A T Creswick, who held the Bumbang station, had a hut on or near the present township. Surveyed blocks, each of about one square mile in area, were available in 1911. Manangatang was proclaimed a town in 1915. In January 1919, the local police station was set up with mounted Constable E E Dunkley in charge. 1930 saw settlement by some Punjabi emigrants. Mrs Della Dillon opened a store in the town in 1912. The first sale of township subdivision was in 1913 at prices ranging from 15 to 30 pounds.

The post office opened on 6 January 1913 when the township was settled. Miss Alice McKinnon was the Post Mistress from that time until 1958 when she sold the premises. Her 44 years of service was recognised by the public at a gathering in her honour that year. A progress association was successful in having state School no 3263 opened on 26 September 1914.

The local area consists mainly of farming, primarily wheat and sheep but also cows and birds such as squab.

The Managatang Football Club, an Australian rules football team then competing in the Mallee Football League, was made famous by a catchphrase of commentator Lou Richards; "They couldn't beat the Manangatang thirds."

The town in conjunction with nearby township Tooleybuc, New South Wales now has an Australian rules football team competing in the Central Murray Football League.

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