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Map of Carrington Falls, NSW 2577

The Carrington Falls is a plunge waterfall across the Kangaroo River located in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales, Australia.

The falls are situated where the river crosses the western escarpment of the Budderoo Plateau to descend to the Kangaroo Valley. Located 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) east southeast of Robertson, the falls are protected within the Budderoo National Park, at an approximate elevation of 542 metres (1,778 ft) above sea level and descend approximately 130–160 metres (430–520 ft) from the plateau to the valley floor. There are wheelchair accessible viewing platforms of the falls.

A noticeboard at the site reads as follows:

The Settlers of Carrington Falls: Surveyor Robert Hoddle surveyed a track from Bong Bong to Kiama in 1830 cutting through the once thick rainforest known as Yarrawa Brush. The township of Robertson developed after the passing of the Robertson Land Act 1861 which encourage people to settle in the area.

Carrington characters: Creating a dynasty: John Missingham and his wife Mary moved from Jamberoo Valley to Carrington Falls in the 1880s. Work was difficult to find but John eventually got a job in Robertson building fences and horse yards. Uneducated but ambitious, John took bold steps to improve his situation. Determined to learn to read and write, John would walk ten miles to attend night school at the local teacher's house in Robertson. As his schooling progressed, John became a compulsive reader and developed one of the most comprehensive libraries in the region. To ensure that the Missingham children (all eight of them) gained from his endeavours, John and Mary provided accommodation for the local teacher and a schoolroom in their house.

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