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Map of Girilambone, NSW 2831

Girilambone is a small village in western New South Wales, Australia. It is located north of Nyngan and 666 km north-west of Sydney, on the traditional land of the Wangaibon people. It took its name from an Aboriginal word meaning 'place of many stars'.The railway station, opened in 1884 and closed in 1986. The spelling of the station's name was altered to its current form from 'Giralambone' in 1889. The disused station buildings survive in poor condition. The nearby copper mines pre-date the railway station and therefore copper mining is the prime reason for the existence of the settlement.In early 1880, mining commenced on a small scale at the Girilambone Copper Mine—3 km west of Girilambone—and in 1881 a reverberatory smelter was built. Giriambone was initially founded as a privately owned mining town. In late 1880, a 100-acre block, east of the copper mine and adjacent to the planned railway line, was surveyed and the plan of a private subdivision of it was made. This land is on the western side of the railway line, and two of its streets are the modern-day Sydney Road—then 'Great Northern Road'—and Railway Road. Girilambone originally developed on this land, which was also the site of the first school, which opened in 1882. Other streets of the private town were, Girilambone, Louisa, Oxide, Carbonate, Malachite and Suphate Streets, Australia Parade, and the incongruously named Rue d'Enfer (named after a former street of Paris).

When the Main Western railway line reached Giriambone in 1884, a government village was surveyed on the eastern side of the new railway line and the railway station was built on that eastern side.

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