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Map of Hoskinstown, NSW 2621

Hoskinstown is a locality in Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, New South Wales, Australia. The locality, and what remains of the cluster of settlement of the same name, is 38 km southeast of Canberra the Capital city of Australia, and 299 km southwest of Sydney. At the 2016 census, it had a population of 189.The area now known as Hoskinstown lies on the traditional lands of Ngarigo people.Hoskinstown, was originally known as Hoskingstown; it was named after John Hosking (1805-1882), a Sydney merchant, first elected mayor of Sydney, and the owner of Foxlow station—its name was derived from his wife Martha's middle name—which he took up around 1835. Part of what was once Hoskings' landholding extented to part of the area occupied by the settlement at Hoskinstown. Prior to around 1870, the area was more commonly known as 'Blackheath'. Perhaps due to illiteracy being widespread among the early settlers, its name has been variously spelt as 'Hoskingtown', 'Hoskins Town', 'Hoskington', and 'Hoskintown', before the most commonly used name became Hoskinstown. Hoskinstown's urban portion seems never to have been proclaimed a village—possibly another reason for the confusion about the spelling of its name—and was best described as a cluster of settlement; it was centred on Hoskinstown Road, roughly between modern-day Plains Road and Rossi Road.Hoskinstown is known for the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope operated by the University of Sydney.

It had a public school from 1869 to 1967, aside from a mysterious event, in 1934, when the building was partially dismantled, without notice or explanation, but then restored.

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