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Map of Nyirripi, NT 0872

Nyirripi is a community in the Southern Tanami Ward of the Central Desert Region in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Location: 250 kms North West of Alice Springs Population: Approximately 240


Nyirripi was first established in the late 1970’s when several families including Tiger Japaljari Morris, Charlie Jampinjin- pas, Molly Napurula Martins, Phylis Napurula, Leo Japurula and others decided to leave the pressures of the growing population of Yuendumu.

Two men were sent into town to secure a Pastor for the

outstation and Pastor John Henwood returned with them

to take up ministry. The community was officially recog-

nised as a minor community or outstation after the former

Federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs was pressed in a pub-

lic forum by community members to define the population numbers that would constitute an outstation. This enabled the se- curing of much needed funds for infrastructure. Later the community was recognised as a major community and campaigned to the government. This ultimately led to the construction of a school. In 1985 the community became incorporated under the Aboriginal Council Association Act.

Nyirripi is located close to the southern and south western extent of traditionally owned Warlpiri land. Although still predomi- nantly a Warlpiri Community there are a number of Pintubi, Luritja and Kukatja speakers. Languages spoken are: Warlpiri, Pin- tubi and Kutkatja languages.


The Nyirripi Community Government Council is the local governing body and has 13 members who are elected annually.

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