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Map of Sheringa, SA 5607

Sheringa is a coastal locality on the western side of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia on the Great Australian Bight.The Flinders Highway runs through Sheringa. Sheringa is located on the highway, containing a hall, Church, CFS and Roadhouse. Surf Life Saving Australia describes Sheringa Beach as "a relatively popular spot for sightseers, while the local surfers and fishers use the beach".The town of Sheringa was surveyed in October 1882. It was initially proclaimed as Holsworthy on 19 April 1883, then revoked and proclaimed as Sheringa on 23 August 1883. Its name is derived from Tjeiringa, a local Aboriginal name for a yam-like root that grew in the area. The former Sheringa Post Office opened on 1 September 1891 and closed on 28 September 1984.The Wesleyan Methodist church granted permission to construct a church building at Sheringa at its district meeting in 1886. In 1898, the town consisted "...of a temperance hotel, a general store, and blacksmith's shop under one roof, and a public building, which is used as a Church, a school, and a dancing-room." St. John's Anglican Church opened in 1910.The historic Washing Pool, a former sheep wash located near Sheringa, is listed on the South Australian Heritage Register. Washing pools were used before 1870 to wash sheep prior to shearing. This wash pond was built in the 1840s and used by several adjacent sheep runs to clean the sheep before shearing. After about 1870, fleece did not need to be cleaned by the farmers before sale, as manufacturers could produce lanolin as a by-product of cleaning the fleece themselves."Nowhere Else", a former pastoral property that has attracted attention for its unusual name, and which remains on local road signs, lies within the modern locality of Sheringa.

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