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Map of Wilgena, SA 5719

Wilgena Station, commonly known as simply Wilgena, is a pastoral lease that operates as a sheep station in outback South Australia.

It is situated about 180 kilometres (112 mi) north east of Ceduna and 197 kilometres (122 mi) south of Coober Pedy. The Trans-Australian Railway line passes through the property near the small town of Tarcoola. The soil is reasonably fertile, but rainfall is unpredictable, with an average of about 6 inches (152 mm) per year. Nonetheless, salt bush thrives on the Station, making good fodder for sheep.Currently the station occupies an area of 4,742 square kilometres (1,831 sq mi) and is owned by A.J. and P.A. McBride Pty Ltd and raise merino sheep for their wool and meat. The property is managed by James Gibson. The McBride family purchased the property in 1923 and at one stage Wilgena was regarded as the largest totally fenced sheep run in the world. The property was split up during the 1980s into two properties; Wilgena and the 4,039 square kilometres (1,559 sq mi) North Well Station, which is run as a separate company enterprise.The property is home to several rock holes that are able to trap water and were of great significance to the local Aboriginal peoples. Some of the larger ones are Adelbing which holds a volume of 22,727 litres (4,999 imp gal) and Coolbring which has a volume of 13,636 litres (3,000 imp gal).

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