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Map of Wooltana, SA 5732

Wooltana Station most commonly known as Wooltana is a pastoral lease that operates as a sheep station in outback South Australia. It lies on what were formerly the lands of the Pilatapa.

It is situated about 103 kilometres (64 mi) north east of Blinman and 259 kilometres (161 mi) north west of Broken Hill, on the plains between the northern end of the Flinders Ranges and Lake Frome.

The land is part of the traditional lands of the Adnyamathanha people. It has been recorded that the name 'Wooltana' is a corruption of an Aboriginal (presumably Adnyamathanha) word, 'ooltulta'. However, it is unclear what that word means.The station contains the Paralana Hot Springs, which issue from rich veins of uranium ore. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, radon and helium bubble forth continuously. Because the Springs contain small amounts of uranium and radon, staying near the Springs for a prolonged period constitutes a health hazard. Living on the floor of the Springs is an extremophile algal mat that survives the warm temperatures of 62 °C and high radioactivity. The Springs are listed on the South Australian Heritage Register as a designated place of geological significance.

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