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Map of Liawenee, TAS 7030

Liawenee () is a small town in Tasmania, Australia built near Great Lake and the River Ouse, and was established on 11 June 1920. The town is known for its fishing at nearby Great Lake and hosts several fishing events.Liawenee and surrounding Miena Dam experience annual mean maximum temperatures of 12.6 °C (54.7 °F) and 10.1 °C (50.2 °F), respectively, and are, thus, amongst the coldest permanently inhabited places in Australia; irrespective of Miena Dam Liawenee is colder on this metric than notable mainland sites of a similar elevation such as Nimmitabel (15.6 °C (60.1 °F)) and Cooma (19.4 °C (66.9 °F)) as well as Thredbo village (13.5 °C (56.3 °F)) – a station of considerably greater elevation (1380m AMSL). Within Tasmania, only the uninhabited summits of Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) and Mount Read record lower annual mean maximum temperatures (7.8 °C (46.0 °F) and 8.7 °C (47.7 °F), respectively) although other mountains of Tasmania that currently lack weather stations are very likely to also experience similar or colder conditions.

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