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Map of Ballarat East, VIC 3350

Ballarat East is a suburb of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Until 1921 the suburb was its own town with its own council, Ballarat East Town Council. The suburb covers a large area east of the City of Ballarat. It is the oldest area in Ballarat and was the site of many goldmines, as well as the Eureka Rebellion. The population of Ballarat East at the 2016 census was 5,628. Although amalgamation between Ballarat and Ballarat East occurred nearly a century ago the former town retains much of its shambolic character. It is notable for its contrast with present day Ballarat. In particular, it has windy roads which arose organically in the goldfields because the town was not planned and its has many old miner's cottages. However, much of its public infrastructure has been demolished, including the town hall, the train station and the orphanage. Much of the suburb is subject to heritage overlays because of its local significance, with most dwellings dating between the 1860s and 1940s.

The residents of Ballarat East played an integral role in the Eureka Rebellion and Battle of Eureka Stockade, although the site of this battle is now an island suburb within the East called Eureka.

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