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Map of Cambarville, VIC 3779

Cambarville is a bounded rural locality in Victoria, Australia. Much of its area is part of the Yarra Ranges National Park. Its Local government area is the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

It is notable for its giant mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans) trees within the Cumberland Memorial Scenic Reserve, and relics from former sawmills and gold mining. The Big Culvert is located nearby on the Marysville - Woods Point Road, which was historically part of the Yarra Track.

Cambarville was established as a timber mill town in the 1940s. Timber mill owners A Cameron and FJ Barton named Cambarville. They established the mill to salvage timber from trees destroyed in the 1939 bushfires.

It had a one-teacher primary school, which opened on February 2, 1943, closed in 1945 due to lack of pupils, re-opened again in 1946, and shut down for the last time in 1968. The main classroom was used as a community hub for various social activities, like plays, concerts, and dances. Life in Cambarville was said to be particularly difficult, with no access to luxuries like refrigeration and other electrical appliances. Single men were housed in huts provided by the logging company, and were provided with meals from a boarding house on Main Street (sometimes there were more itinerants and single men living in Cambarville than families with children). Main Street was never sealed during its heyday. The main saw mill was destroyed twice by fire, the last time in 1971. The town's population rapidly dwindled after the mill's closure. (All information gleaned from display boards dotted around Main Street, installed by Parks Victoria).

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