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Map of Laanecoorie, VIC 3463

Laanecoorie is a locality situated on the Loddon River in Victoria, Australia. It has a community hall, church, and caravan park. Before the town was established the land was part of a station known as Languycoorie, but the name had various spellings including Lannie-e-coora and others which were used in the newspapers and Government Gazettes of the 1850's when referring to the station.

Laanecoorie is situated on land once part of the huge Simson station Charlotte Plains which was taken up in 1840 by Donald Campbell Simson (1809-1851), a Scot from Islay in Scotland's Inner Hebrides. The town is named after one of three subdivisions of the station which were created in 1851 after Simson's death. In June, 1840, Simson entered a partnership with William Hampden Dutton, an agricultural scientist and pastoralist and James Monckton Darlot, an overlander and explorer. Together they were responsible for the beginnings of Charlotte Plains. By the year's end the partnership failed because of Dutton's bankruptcy, and Simson then had the station alone. He was at various times assisted in running it by his two brothers, John (1798/9-1848) and Hector Norman (1819-1880), who did not, as has for many years been claimed in many newspaper articles, book and pamphlets written on the subject, participate in founding the station. In mid-1840 both were employed in Sydney. The original partners took Fourteen Mile Creek station and at the same time Simson alone took over Cairn Curran from Dutton's associate, the Melbourne businessman Frederick Manton. He then also leased 180,405 acres at Cairn Curran's west.

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