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Map of Mt Sabine, VIC 3236

Mount Sabine is a rural locality in the Shire of Colac Otway, Victoria, Australia. The small locality is located deep in the Otway Ranges, and is mostly densely forested.The first major track between Colac and Apollo Bay passed over Mount Sabine, and was marked on maps by 1864 at the latest. The Land Act 1869 opened the area up for selection, but only a limited number of selectors took up land, mostly along the Apollo Bay or nearby Beech Forest tracks. The track was rough; in 1880, travellers complained that the road was "almost impassable" and that they had "to wade up to their knees in mud and slush", and in 1889 a correspondent reported the track from Apollo Bay to Mount Sabine as involving "the most formidable climbing ever met with on a road in this country".A timber industry had been established by the 1870s; the Otway Ranges were a Timber Reserve from 1873 to 1879, and a sawmill at Mount Sabine was reported in 1874 as having been operational for some time. The amount of selectors in the area increased in the 1880s, in large part due to a rumored future railway through the area; however, while railways were built into the Otway Ranges, extensions to the Mount Sabine area never occurred. There were high hopes for farming in the area, with the Colac Herald speculating in 1885 that Mount Sabine would "become converted into the most fertile of agricultural and pastoral countries". Some farmers did report limited success into the twentieth century, but in the long-term these hopes were also ill-fated.Transport remained a major problem throughout the attempts to settle the Mount Sabine area.

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