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Map of Sorrento, VIC 3943

Sorrento is a coastal township in Victoria, Australia, located on the shores of Port Phillip on the Mornington Peninsula, about one and a half hours by car south of Melbourne. Sorrento has a strong local community consisting of descendent generations who have lived there since white settlement. The first permanent European settlers were the Skeltons,Sullivans and Watts (many descendent Skeltons, Sullivan's, Watts, Clarkes, Morgan's, Keating/Siemering's still live in Sorrento and surrounding townships). Sorrento has always had a strong community while Portsea, the next town along the Nepean Peninsula, become the holiday house location of choice for Melbourne's elite - empty most of the year and busy in summer. Sorrento gained in popularity amongst a new generation of wealthy urbanites during the 2000s (though the first small wave of developers arrived in the 1980s) and is now going through a challenging phase as it tries to resist overdevelopment and mass tourism. Where some see beauty others see an opportunity for personal profit. Increased pressure on native animals and loss of habitat is compromising the regions natural beauty and Sorrento is at risk of being engulfed as an extension of Melbourne suburbia. It is thought that the name 'Sorrento' (after the Italian seaside town) was conferred upon what was known as Sullivans Bay when the first developer arrived in Sorrento in the 1870s. For further information and insights about Aboriginal history at white invasion see Georgina McCrae's journals and writings.

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