Getting directions

Draggy route

Once you have a route, it can be dragged and changed. If you move your cursor over the route line the cursor head will change into a small circle - you can then drag the route line anywhere.

Screenshot: Creating a through-point

As you pick up the circle, the cursor changes into a little grabby hand. When you pause a moment it gives you the address it’s currently over on the map.

Screenshot: Moving a through-point

When you let go it sits as a small circle on the route. If you click on the circle it pops up a small hover box which shows the address and two options. You can make it into a Stop (which means it will add a field into the panel on the left) and puts a marker on the route and it lets you remove the point.

Screenshot: Converting a through-point to a stop

Once you have made it into a Stop point you can then click on the marker and it will then let you remove it as a Stop point or remove the point.

Screenshot: Converting a stop to a though-point